Tropical fish Leeds - Plecs, Chiclids, Angel fish, Guppies, Tetras, Silver Dollars, Sharks, Barbs, Loaches; you name it we have it or we will get it for you - look no further, we have the largest selection of tropical fish, cold water fish and marine fish in Leeds. We also stock terrapins, turtles, frogs and other amphibians, accessories for keeping them, foods and tanks suitable for home, office and commercial environments.


Our selection and variety of tropical fish is second to none in Leeds and the surrounding area of West Yorkshire.
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Pet and Aquatic World
206 Armley Road
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We always carry a huge stock of various species and sizes of fish to cater for all customers from the novice fish keeper with their first aquarium to the more experienced fish and aquarium specialist. 

Our extensive showroom allows us to have aquariums of all shapes and sizes permanently in stock and on display for customers to browse, especially important for a purchase that will become part of your home.



Marine fish husbandry can be particularly daunting and requires certain knowledge and skill in creating & maintaining the correct & healthy environment for a successful aquarium -  We can help!

With our knowledge & expertise we will help and advise on all aspects of marine life from stock selection, aquarium size, accessories, water heaters, thermometers, saline additives, decorative ornaments, aerators, gravels, aquarium stands, medications and water treatments.


On the lower level of the premises we stock our outdoor pond store - a full selection of suitable cold water pond fish, garden ornaments, preformed pond liners, pond lining sheets, fountains, garden water features, pond pumps, cold water pond filter systems, pond lighting, electrical supply accessories and water treatments.
Please feel free to ring for advice or call in to see just how much we have that will make your pond a garden feature to be proud of.