Leeds premier pet store - huge ground area of every conceivable accessory for all types of pets, right near the centre of Leeds. Comprehensive stock of pet foods for dogs, cats, small furries, birds, live foods, reptile foods and reptile supplements, cold water fish, tropical fish, marine fish and invertebrate foods. Cages, leads, pond accessories, pet toys, pet grooming items, pet medications, books on pet care, breeds, husbandry, pet care accessories.....Call in and see for your self - Late opening..



Telephone 0113 2631509
Pet and Aquatic World
206 Armley Road
LS12 2LS


The pet and aquatics store has been a feature of Armley for many years. With a recent change of ownership and management, we have made a great effort  to upgrade our staff, our commitment  to good customer service, excellent levels of in-store pet care, wide range of pet accessories, housing, feeds and staff who are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.


Built over two floors with pond equipment, pond liners and accessories for all outside pond and garden items on the lower floor along with cold water fish aquariums, tropical fish and marine fish we then also have the larger, upper floor with a massive selection of household and commercial sized aquaria, pet food, pet accessories, books, pond pumps, lighting, pond filters, ultra violet and organic filtration systems, avaries, vivariums, reptiles, live animals, reptiles, birds and amphibians for sale, pet toys, grooming products, equine supplies.

Our range of reptiles and amphibians, along with vivariums, reptile matting, live and dead foods, flooring substrate, nutrient supplements, books, advice sheets is second  to none - call in to see and speak to the staff if you are thinking of having a snake, gecko, bearded dragon, frogs or terrapins for example as an addition to your family.of our animals, reptiles and amphibians are easy  to see as shown here, before purchase.